Teradata Unity 16.00 now Available

Unity is Teradata’s data synchronization and workload routing tool providing Active – Active database availability delivering near real-time RTO/RPO
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Teradata Unity 16.00 now Available

Unity 16.00 was released to support Teradata Database 16.00 compatibility. Unity now supports the Teradata 16.00 database with documented limitations found at the following link: Current list of Unity limitations


  • Unity 16.00 Passive Routing can now be purchased as an independent product offering and support has been extended to Teradata Systems in the Public Cloud. With on premise Unity servers, business users can now be directed to new Teradata Database Cloud instances used for data labs, isolated sandboxes or to manage seasonal workloads. There is also a new Passive-only mode in Unity 16.00 that will avoid all parsing of incoming requests thus alleviating any parsing overhead associate with read-only sessions.
  • Unity 16.0 includes
    • Unrecoverable table fault isolation – When a write that includes a read – say an insert into a select from b - fails on one system but succeeds on another, then table ‘a’ (the written table) becomes interrupted so that it can be recovered later and now table ‘b’ (the read table) becomes read only on that same system.   This isolates the fault so that a later write to table ‘b’ before table ‘a’ is recovered is not allowed.   That way table ‘a’ can still be recovered.   Without this feature table ‘a’ would be unrecoverable if it is recovered after table ‘b’ had changed.
    • Recovery from sync-from point enables a system to continue with the recovery operation from the point where the first table was unrecoverable.
      • With this feature when the following happens:
        • 1 Ins into A;
        • 2 Ins into B sel from A;
        • 3 Ins into C sel from B;
      • If table A becomes unrecoverable step 1, then table B and C will be interrupted rather than instantly unrecoverable at steps 2 and 3.   Then if you manually resync table A and then activate it (- issue an ”Activate synched from <system> command”) unity will be able to recover tables B and C.  
    • New unityadmin command line to use tdwallet secure password storage to avoid plain text passwords.
    • A new alert if users fall through the defined user mappings and use the default routing rule to help identify users what have not been properly mapped.
    • Ability to track overall availability, as seen by client applications, as well as availability of individual Teradata systems
    • Performance improvements for customers who require CLOB support.
    • Operational improvements including

A brief summary of 16.00 features that are not supported in this release include:

  • Java Enhancements to support UDTs, Period, XML, Geospatial, and Array types for Java UDFs and XSPs.
  • MLOADX is still not supported. It will default to a normal MLOAD
  • ESRI Compatible Transforms
  • AVRO