Change colors of the system health in Viewpoint 15


Change colors of the system health in Viewpoint 15

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we nomally see, the system healths as green(healthy), red(critical), orange (degraded).


Since , its accessible to users/ developers who can see, and they get scary, seeing system in red, we are in process of changing the thresold values for the shared pages.. so that dba gets a separate alert when the system is 90% cpu, but for shared pages, the color still remains Orange , and not red for them, so that they dont conclude anything in fast, and assume teradata system is slow, which can be due to many reasons.. I went to the viewpoint manual, and it says some productivity metrics page, where we have 10 colors , but some how , i am unable to see those to change if i can, not sure , if there is something related to my access as well, if it can be ..Can you help me , where i can change the color directky, or i have to change the thesoldvalues only on those pages,, to reflect the color i want to show them.



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Re: Change colors of the system health in Viewpoint 15

Hello SamKumar,


In Metrics Analysis Portlet or related trend-oriented portlet, you can review various metrics for a Teradata/Aster/Hadoop System. Each of these metrics are color-coded by ordering, which means the ordering decide which Metric is represented in Green/Red/Blue etc. We can't change the color coding, yet the ordering is user-customizable which means you can decide which metrics is represented by which color.