PDCR Job Failure

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PDCR Job Failure

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We started to receive PDCR JOB FAILURE alert in our development box. This is the first time I've encountered this error and there's no communicated activity on the development server. Below is the exact alert being thrown. I'm trying to locate any logfile to understand the real error however it seems to be a derived script from Teradata (TJC) and I opt to open each of the script but this seems take a while before I decipher that's why I open this message hope anyone may pick this up.


Here's the exact alert:


TJC_ERROR: Job GDWDEV_PDCR_TenMin_SessionInfo, instance GDWDEV_PDCR_TenMin_SessionInfo_2017-01-01T00:50, step 100 failed with status 8.


Event Timestamp: 2017-01-01T01:53:47.456-05:00






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Re: PDCR Job Failure

This error is indicating that something in the 10Minute job is failing.   It looks like a logon issue.

The /var/opt/tjc/logs or /var/opt/tjc/stepout directories have the bteq log files to determine what the

failure is.   If the problem goes away it may be due to a date change to 2017.


Step 100 is the start of the script so it probably is a  logon issue.  However, if this is the only job

that is failing then it may be something else or one of the Canary User logons if  you are running the

canary users.


An easier way to examine the log file would be to run this SQL on the Teradata system:

Select * from PDCRINFO.PDCR_LogDetailed where thedate GE date-1 and JobID like '%DBQL%';

Note: You will need to modify the SQL to pull the correct log file.

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Re: PDCR Job Failure

If you are using Viewpoint Portal for PDCR jobs, the PDCR portlet would point to the error for the job. For additional details, you can refer to the PDCR logs in the Viewpoint Server. From the error shown, I believe you aren't using the Viewpoint Portal.

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Re: PDCR Job Failure

Typically anything less than 12 is a warning. In this case, I would expect the row count to be zero, throwing the warning.

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Re: PDCR Job Failure

Thanks for your reply Guys! I just found the PDCR Operations ppt where the scripts and possible failures were described. In this issue, we found out that there are some objects in our system that the range partition was set to end of the year 2016 (2016-12-31) and the recommended solution is tp recreation those objects with extended date criteria.

Re: PDCR Job Failure



Even I am also getting PDCR job failure message.

The PDCR jobs ahve been scheduled through viewpoint portlet.

Could you please help me with the viewpoint location from where I can get the logs of these failures.




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Re: PDCR Job Failure

I have been told that Viewpoint does not retain any log files for the JAVA scripts that run the PDCR Portlet.

They are planning to add this feature to the code this year, but currently if a failure occurs no log files are

available to determine the failure cause.

I most cases the job failures are due to out of spool or PDCRSTG space for processing.
If you know what failed you can run the Load Macro manually and try to isolate the reason for the failure.

Re: PDCR Job Failure

Thank you so much for your reply.

I am getting the follwoing alert from viewpoint from PDCR job failure.


Job DWDBMD18_PDCR_Acctg, Instance DWDBMD18_PDCR_Acctg.20170321.2300, Step 120 failed with status 8

 Event Timestamp: 2017-03-21T23:02:11.232-05:00



 Description: PDCR JOB FAILURE


But when I have searched the error using following query in dbql then I did not get any result.I can see all the statements executed without any error.As you are syaing that viewpoint does not have log files then from where I will get to know that which marco caused this error and whats the issue in step no 120.

SyntaxEditor Code Snippet

sel UserName,Sessionid,LogonSource,CollectTimeStamp,logdate,StatementType,ErrorCode,ErrorText,QueryText
from pdcrinfo.dbqlogtbl_hst
where username='pdcradmin'
and  logdate='2017-03-21'
and errortext is not null  



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Re: PDCR Job Failure

The warning message shows Acctg...  This is an Acctg hourly load warning.  

The macros that run this are these three:

PDCRADM.LoadAcctgTmp - loads data into PDCRSTG.Acctg_Tmp

PDCRADM.LoadAcctgDtlHst - loads AMP level data into PDCRDATA.AcctgDtl_Hst

PDCRADM.LoadAcctgHst - loads Acctg summary data into PDCRDATA.Acctg_Hst


You could run these manually in this order to see if anything fails.

Also, the PDCRINFO.PDCRLOAD_Hst table should have status results from all jobs run.

I think Viewpoint supports this feature that is part of the original load script code.

Run this SQL for job status:  Select * from PDCRINFO.PDCRLOAD_Hst where Logdate GE date-1 order by starttime desc ;

Re: PDCR Job Failure

Thanks a ton for your help.Smiley Happy

Yeah I have fixed the issue with you guidence.

Yesterday I have not seen any error in PDCR jobs.I have fixed partition violation error along with space issue.


But today suddenly I have again getting this error.I have run the macro LOADDBQLLTMP and LoadDBQLsumHstTbl.Its is completed successfully and there is no error entry for today`s job in pdcrinfo.dbqllog_hst table.Then I dnt know why I am getting this errors.Could you suggest on this.