Release Query in Delayed State


Release Query in Delayed State

Hi All,

In the "Query Monitor" portlet there is a column for sessions in the Delayed Sate. If I release any query that is in the Delayed state, what will happen?

Will the query be released from the system?

Will the query run again? If so, how and when?

Just to make things clear, we have set up throttle to limit the number of queries executing DDL Statements on the same database, table at a given time.


Re: Release Query in Delayed State

The following is the solution:

"For Teradata Database systems, you can release a query from the delay queue for immediate processing."

Now in my case, the qeury was executing a "Create View" statement in a database whose Backup was being taken. In such a case, the query would not go into "Active" state and would then be "Blocked".

I guess in the above scenario, releasing the query would have no effect