Viewpoint 16.00


Viewpoint 16.00

Hi all,


With the previous community site there was a beautiful post every time a Viewpoint major/minor version was released. However for Viewpoint 16.00 there is none and the standard documentation is describing in excruciating detail the functionalities. But there is no release notes or whats new section...


So does someone know that has changed between Viewpoint 15.11 and 16.00?


Regards, Johannes Vink

Teradata Employee

Re: Viewpoint 16.00

Viewpoint 16.00 highlights:

Teradata Database 16.00 support

  • TASM


  • Space Usage updates


  • Stats Manager updates


  • Query Monitoring updates


Viewpoint 16.0 updates

  • Lock Viewer updates
  • PDCR updates
  • Clustered Viewpoint Failover and Fallback

Teradata QueryGrid™ management and monitoring

Presto Monitoring


Re: Viewpoint 16.00

Great, thanks! No major changes, but still a gradual development. I'll check what the dependencies are, in TAYS I've found the version compatability Excel.