Viewpoint configuration problem

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Viewpoint configuration problem


This might be very basic question but I have to ask as I am unable to configure Viewpoint :(

I am trying to setup Viepoint, the server is already installed.

I logged in using Admin and then created TERADATA SYSTEM using manual guide. I also created viewpoint user on Teradata side and granted access as explained in manual.

However I cannot see any queries in viewpoint. Is there some other configuration taht I need to do ? restart viewpoint server ? what am I missing here ?

I gave ip address in TDPID but that also didn't work. I enabled data collectors but still it didn't work.

please help.

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Re: Viewpoint configuration problem

When you look at Admin / Teradata Systems, are there red triangles by the data collectors? If so, hover the mouse cursor over them to see the error details.

You could also try restarting the data collection service (from a Linux command prompt).