ampload utility in Viewpoint??


ampload utility in Viewpoint??

Hi there,

Quick question - Does anyone know where I can see the ampload utility(or the equivalent) in Viewpoint? We are moving from Teradata Manager to Viewpoint currently and I don't see it anywhere.

I can see Add Content > Tools > Remote Console but no sign of ampload. Also on the System health portlet we can view the amount of AWTs being used but we can't go deeper and view how many AWTs per Vproc are being used,so we can see what Vprocs are being skewed etc.

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Re: ampload utility in Viewpoint??


Check out the "Node Resources" portlet.  This portlet has all of the AMP data, including the ampload data: available and in use AWTs, message counts, and message dequeue counts.  You can use the graphical summary view to find skewed nodes or vprocs, or drill into the data grid view if you'd rather just see a sorted list of say the nodes with the highest number of AWTs in use.


Re: ampload utility in Viewpoint??

Thanks a lot Steve!