What's New In the Community?

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What's New In the Community?



Why did you make this change?
  We wanted to bring the Teradata community a new modern look and add functionality to make it easier to search, interact with your peers, and earn ranks and badges. We feel like these enhancements will enable you to find your answers in a much quicker and easier way and have a little fun while doing it.

Is this the final version of your new community?
  No! We are still in an open beta and look forward to your feedback so we can help the new community grow using any feedback we receive. Even after our official launch we hope to continually evolve to fit our customers and advocates needs. After all this is YOUR community!

What happened to all the content from developer.teradata.com and forums.teradata.com?
  Most of the content has already been migrated but over the next few weeks a few other odds and ends from both DevX sites (developer.teradata.com and forum.teradata.com) will be migrated into the new community. If you were a previous DevX user, your account info should have also been migrated over so you won’t lose any credit for past posts.

I was a DevX user but my login isn’t working!
  The new community has implemented a brand new SSO (single sign on) feature so your login is now your email address you used to sign up for DevX. You should have received an email from DevX between September 8th and September 10th 2016 with your login information and instructions on how to login to the new community. If you can’t login, and can’t find the email please send an email to our Community Manager and let us know so we can help you out.

Does my new community SSO login work on other Teradata Sites?
  The new SSO feature currently only works in the community but we’re going to be continually adding other Teradata sites so you will be able to move between any Teradata site or portal seamlessly. Stay tuned!

What about downloads.teradata.com?
  For the time being, downloads.teradata.com will remain in the same place. You can access it via a link at the bottom of the page or www.downloads.teradata.com

Is the Aster community being migrated?
  The Aster community will stay the same for the time being. We will be discussing a future migration to bring all of the great Teradata communities under one roof.  You can access the aster community at www.aster-community.teradata.com