Active Alerts for Retail Sales Line Data

Teradata Employee

Active Alerts for Retail Sales Line Data

We are in the process of loading near real time sales data in order to activate the warehouse at a major retailer.
We built a few sample alert queries to predict out of stock situations and also not on shelf items.
What I would like to know is if someone has built similar reports or reports for other topics based on sales line item data.
Especially real time alerts and recommendations that can be used by the stores to optimize their work.

I would also be interested in commercial offerings regardings this, so if someone can point me in the right direction / vendor, I would apprciate it.

A few more details about the data we have:
Sales line data is to be loaded in 15 minute intervals.
All other data, like prices, goods received, order data, stock data etc is loaded in a nightly batch window.

Thanks for any input you can share.