Citrix Server Compatibility

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Citrix Server Compatibility

Will Teradata SQL Assistant v work on a Citrix Server Client that uses Win 2003 (64 bit) for an OS?
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Re: Citrix Server Compatibility

I thought I would post a comment on this post even though it's over a year old...

TeraData can be published in a Citix XenApp environment using Presentation Server 4.5 FR1 or higher and I recommend Hotfix 5. You'll also need to have version 5.1 or higher of the Citrix Web Interface. Citrix 4.5 or higher should be installed on a 64 bit server for increased performance but Citrix by designed is made to support 32bit applications in a true 64bit environment.

If the application itself can not be published using the three methods (Local install, streamed to client or streamed to server) there is now one more option. That option is XenDesktop... In a nutshell, you can provision the XenDesktops to your users using various OS's as well as HDX (High Definition). I recommend researching XenDesktop as it is now a viable solution for a high availability end user experience with little to no advanced setup required by the end users such as PN. You will however need the latest ICA client.

I hope this helps...