Demo DBC database: User dbc cannot create tables


Demo DBC database: User dbc cannot create tables

Hi! I'm new to Teradata. Installed the demo version of V2R6.1 and TTU 8.1. I wanted to create a table in database DBC as user dbc through Teradata SQL Assistant, but received this lack of privilege error:
"3524: The user does not have CREATE TABLE access to database DBC."
When I opened Teradata Administrator, I can see no one has Create Table privilege in database DBC.

Did I do something wrong in installation? Who is the super sysadmin in demo database DBC?

Thank you.
Regards, Nancy


Re: Demo DBC database: User dbc cannot create tables

User DBC is the master administrator user. It contains all dictionary tables used to track objects and space in the database. You should never create anything in that database. What you do is use DBC to create other users giving them what they need. All database space belongs to DBC initially. When you create other users from DBC you give them space that is taken out of DBC. Ideally you should create an administrative user from DBC first, creating the correct access rights so that the admin user can create all the other users and split up the database storage as needed.

You should read the “Database Administration” documentation before venturing too much further.