Provider Syntax

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Provider Syntax

We are trying to connect to Teradata from .asp pages. We are having trouble with the provider syntax.

> We are able to connect using: DSN=XXXX

> We are not able to connect using:

oConn.Open "Provider= Teradata ;" & _
" DBCName =MyDbcName;" & _
"Database=MyDatabaseName;" & _
"Uid=myUsername;" & _

> Error reads: ADODB.Connection error '800a0e7a'
Provider cannot be found. It may not be properly installed.

Any suggestions? Thx.
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Re: Provider Syntax

Does anybody have a solution for this? I had the exact same problem as Misfit and Sputnik and can't seem to resolve it. I also don't want to use SQL Server Providers. I want to user the Teradata provider. Any help would be appreciated.

Re: Provider Syntax

I was able to get mine going by installing the latest TD driver for OLE/DB and using this connection string:

Persist Security Info=True;
User ID=myuserid;
Extended Properties=Default Database=DB_Name;
Session Mode=ANSI

Re: Provider Syntax

try this....

con.Open "Driver={Teradata};DBCNAME=" & DSN & ";uid=" & user_id & "; pwd=" & passwd

let me know if this works for you.

-- Sparan