Teradata & RapidMiner


Teradata & RapidMiner


I am trying to connect Teradata to rapidMiner5 using either the ODBC and the JDBC connection with the drivers provided in the Teradata webiste. I am using Win-64 and therefore VMware player for Teradata. When I try the ODBC Bridge, rapidminer cannot find the driver [Data source name not found and no default driver specified], even though the driver is available in the "Show Database Driver" window.  

Then I try with the JDBC. In "Manage Database Connections" I put:

name: the name of the DSN

database system: name of the JDBC connection

host: IP of the VMware Player

port: 1025

database scheme: blank

user and password I use the ones put in the DSN (ie the Teradata root details).

I get an error: [Error 1000][SQLState 08S01] Login failure for Connec....

I don't know what to do. I am thinking that maybe I am making some mistakes in setting up the JDBC connection in the "Manage Database Drivers" window. 

Can anybody help me ?

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Re: Teradata & RapidMiner

Today I get the same error and did some search for the solution but I found onyl the question here. So I did some extra search and found the answer: delete the port number in the "Manage Database Connections" dialog.

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The Teradata JDBC driver package includes two jar files, one containing the driver and another one with a config file in it. The driver only works when both files are linked via the classpath.

Step-by-step guide

Add the steps involved:

  1. Please download the appropriate JDBC drivers from Teradata and copy all its jar files to the folder "lib/jdbc" inside your RapidMiner Studio installation directory. This ensures that the driver classes are part of the java classpath.
  2. Next go to the database driver management dialog.
  3. For the jar file dialog manually enter both path statements comma separated to address both files (e.g. /path-to-rapidminer-folder/lib/jdbc/terajdbc4.jar,/path-to-rapidminer-folder/lib/jdbc/tdgssconfig.jar).
  4. Teradata JDBC drivers seem to offer no support for port settings. Please leave the port field blank, otherwise a connection cannot be established. 
  5. The driver setup should look similar to the setup shown in this image:

Also, for convenience, here is the link to the JAR files:



and default path to the jdbc folder on desktop:

C:\Program Files\RapidMiner\RapidMiner Studio\lib\jdbc





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Re: Teradata & RapidMiner

>>> Teradata JDBC drivers seem to offer no support for port settings.


Port 1025 is the default port number that the Teradata Database listens on. Virtually all Teradata Database systems listen on port 1025; it is very rare for a Teradata Database system to be configured to listen on a different port.


Which means that there is normally no need to override the default port number. You can simply omit it, or not specify it.


While the Teradata JDBC Driver does not support specifying the Teradata Database port number with a colon separator and following the hostname, the Teradata JDBC Driver does offer a DBS_PORT connection parameter for specifying the Teradata Database port number, in the rare cases that something other than port 1025 is used.


Here is a link to the documentation for the DBS_PORT connection parameter: