Teradata and SSAS 2005 Spool Space issues


Teradata and SSAS 2005 Spool Space issues

I have an issue with Teradata and SSAS Cubes. I am trying to build cube over TeraData Datasource. the cube gets built up fine with no trouble when i use two dimension and one Fact Table , I have about 10 attributes in each dimension and about few millions or close to billion records in Fact table.

my biggest problem with teradata is it uses something specifically call Spool Space. Every time i try to add additional attribute or dimension or even a single attributes i run out of spool Space. The Administration teams approves thespool space and i have close to 300GB of spool space and cannot be issued more.

The biggest problem i have over here is i cannot process the cube. Is their anything i can do at cube level or datasource view level or at datasource to process this cubes.

I am taking about 30-40 TB environment .

This is kind of very crucial to have working.

1) Can i control this behavior at cube level to process below this spool space ,even if the processings takes longer then usual

2) Is their any modifications i need to do the datasource for me to have this behavior passed.

3) I know if you add a new attributes it kind of builts and look for every possible combination with other dimension and Fact table. using XML but in a form of cross join bevhaior.

please advise if i have a way to resolve this issue.

Thank you