TeradataV2R5 Certification Books for Sale


TeradataV2R5 Certification Books for Sale

Hope you are in great spirit.
I have completed all certifications in Teradata using Coffing Books.
Hope you all knew that passing teradata certification exams by reading CoffindDW books are pretty easy.

I have below list of booking published by coffindDW.com

NR-001 Teradata Basics( Now coffing selling @ $199.00 )
NR-002 Teradata Physical Implementation ( Now coffing selling @$199.00 )
NR-003 Teradata SQL ( Now coffing selling @$199.00 )
NR-004 Teradata Database Administration ( Now coffing selling @$199.00 )
NR-005 Teradata Design ( Now coffing selling @$199.00 )
NR-006 Teradata Application Development ( Now coffing selling @$199.00)

i would like to sell them at a reasonable price.
If anyone intrseted you can mail me - kumar633@rediffmail.com ( kumar633 at rediffmail)
currently am in bangalore and i can send them in a parcel if anyone stays out of bangalore.

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