Why are the rows missing?


Why are the rows missing?


Is there any tool or method or something else which can help me with analysis of the process.

The process contains around 15 steps and each job step is represented with one SQL script. I am working with Teradata.

Here is my problem - the colleague of mine has changed one of the SQL scripts. This change caused some addition of some new rows. The problem is - the added rows are not seen at the end of the process in the final report.

Since there are a lot of tables, joins, filtering inside this process (15 sql scripts) I can#t grasp all the process and find the answer why are those rows missing in the final report?

THerefore, is there any piece of software, method or some suggestion from your side about what should I do to find the answer on the question "Why are the rows missing"

Thanks, D.

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Re: Why are the rows missing?

I don't know of any software, you should compare the results of the steps after the modified one to find out which step removed the rows and then check:

- are those rows actually new rows or duplicate rows (might be removed by a SET table or DISTINCT or UNION)

- can those rows be joined? (might need to change Inner to Outer Join)

- do they include NULLs (might be filtered by WHERE conditions)