interoperability with email and sms


interoperability with email and sms


My company is seriously considering translating from SqlServer 2k to TeraData after christmas. I have written an application that incorporates emailing and subsequent sms notifications. Our email system is Lotus.

Are there/Are there likely to be any functions like SQLMail or the ability to work with email and sms from TeraData?

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Re: interoperability with email and sms

depending on what your program does with Teradata. If it just going through odbc and grab data from the database, then no problem. I am not familiar with sqlmail but I think if this is what it supposed to do:

"First, a quick primer for those of you that may not be familiar with SQLMail. SQLMail provides an interface from SQL Server to any MAPI-enabled mail client. This interface is a collection of extended stored procedures that allow you to send and read e-mail using Transasct-SQL statements."

Then no, Teradata does not have such product. You can, however, use external store procedure (V2R6) to write something similar.