Oracle Data Visualization Desktop (DVD) Configuration with Teradata

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Oracle Data Visualization Desktop (DVD) Configuration with Teradata

Oracle Data Visualization gives you the best of both worlds: accurate, consistent analytics you can rely on and the ease-of-use and speed you need to change it.  Rich, interactive visuals show the story in your data and make it easy for you to share insights.  As easy as you expect—upload your data, then drag and drop your way to compelling analysis. 

This article shows how to install Data Visualization Desktop (DVDesktop), set up connectivity to Teradata and has examples of using them together.

Installing DVDesktop:

  1. Download the DVDesktop installer from the below link:


2. Once you are done with the download (exe file), run the installer, provide installation directory and then click next.


3. Keep the default check box and then click next and click on install button.


4. Once the installation is completed, click next and then click Finish button.


5. Once you click on Finish button, it launches DVDesktop.



Installing Teradata Client :

 6. Download latest Teradata CLIV2 installer from this site:


 7. Unzip the file and navigate to CLIV2_Suite folder

 8. Inside CLIV2_Suite folder, execute setup.exe file 1.png

 9. Now, you should be able to see Teradata Installation Wizard, Click NEXT1.png

 10. Accept terms on the License Agreement wizard and click NEXT. 1.png

11.  Select CLIV2 check box on the "Select features" and click Install.


12. Click finish to exit the Wizard.


Integrating DVDesktop with Teradata:

13. Open C:\Users\mchittip.ORADEV\AppData\Local\DVDesktop\extdriver.paths file.

14. Update the file with TD installed location,

               "C:\\Program Files\\Teradata\\Client\\15.10\\bin"

15. Now, save, close and re-open the DVDesktop to effect the changes done.

16. Add a New Connection in the DVDesktop with Teradata data source. 


17. Provide TD connection details and click Save button.   


18. Now, you should be able to save the connection without any errors and should be able to see the connection listed on Data sources page as below:   


19. Now add your data sources to project.

20.To add, select the database and then select required tables to add to the project.    


21. Once you select the required table and then click ok, you should be able to see the data without any errors.    


22. Now, click on Add Data Source and you should be able to see the newly created data source on the Data Sources page as below:


23. Now, navigate to main page and click on create project.    


24. Select the Data Source and then click on Add to Project button.


25. Once you are done with adding the data source to the project, you will see the products table on the project tab.     


26. Finally, you can visualize your data in multiple visualizations as shown below:     






Note:- The following Teradata CLIv2 is supported as of now.


Version                 Display Name
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------           Teradata CLIv2            Teradata CLIv2 16.00.01




Re: Oracle Data Visualization Desktop (DVD) Configuration with Teradata

hi Sir ,


i have an issue and i need you help


i have just installed Teradata version 16 on my linux 7 server and i try to configure it with OBIEE but now my obis1 server component is down

and the error is

 The start operation can not be performed on the Dummy BI Servers component.


can you please tell me how to fix this problem