Aster Analytics on AWS

Aster Analytics on AWS

Deployment Options - Aster Analytics on AWS

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Aster Analytics on AWS

Discover More About Teradata Aster Analytics on Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Rapidly experiment with data and analytics without any capital investment. Aster Analytics on AWS allows business analysts tocombine machine learning, text, path, patterns, graph and statistics within a single workflow to tackle their most challenging business problem.
Aster Analytics on AWS: Getting Started Guide.

What is being offered?

Aster Analytics on AWS is offered on EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) instances via listings in the AWS Marketplace. By incorporating AWS as the first of multiple public cloud choices for deploying analytic sandboxes or production environments, Teradata makes it easier for companies of all sizes leverage innovative advanced analytics for better business decisions.
Teradata Aster Analytics is deployed as Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) in AWS Marketplace. Customers can identify the number of worker nodes desired in the Aster Analytics AMI which will be instantiate 1 Queen node and the number of workers specified.
AppCenter is contained in a separate AMI but available for customers licensed for Aster Analytics on AWS.

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