Aster Analytics on Azure

Aster Analytics on Azure

Deployment Options - Aster Analytics on Azure

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Aster Analytics on Azure

Aster Analytics delivers multi-genre advanced analytics at scale for analysts and data scientists.

Aster Analytics on Azure delivers self-service, rapid advanced analytics at scale. Teradata Aster Analytics on Azure delivers machine learning, text, path, pattern, statistics and graph analytics to explore and analyze data at scale. Aster Analytics on zure: Getting Started Guide

What is being offered?

A subscription to Aster Analytics on Azure includes the following:

Right to use Aster Analytics Portfolio, Aster Client, Aster Database 6.20 and Aster AppCenter for analytic development and production purposes. Note: Aster AppCenter must be launched through a separate VM.
Launch 2 to 32 Worker nodes to meet your performance and scalability requirements
Supports 2 to 256 TB of data for analysis
Support through the Teradata Premier Cloud Support
Access to Aster Analytics on Azure resources including the Getting Started Guide

Key Benefits Include:

• Rapid time to value: Businesses need to prove success or fail-fast and move on. With Aster Analytics on Azure, businesses can quickly provision an analytic sandbox and leverage Aster’s prebuilt analytics to accelerate model development. Once the model demonstrates value, the same analytics can be moved to a “production” instance in the cloud to drive business value. And if the experiment fails, fail-fast and move on.
• Analytic Agility: Analytics is experimental where analysts want to create a sandbox to test or prove their ideas or combine new or 3rd party data with in-house data to find new insights. Aster Analytics on Azure provides the analyst with a powerful set of multi-genre analytics at scale where they can experiment and iterate on massive volumes of data.
• Financial incentives: Many businesses prefer to minimize their up-front investment in advanced analytics technology until it proves its value. Aster analytics on Azure allows businesses to drive value from their data with prebuilt advanced analytics functions. Financial incentives include: Leveraging Azure to eliminate new hardware procurement, reduce the cost of setup, implementation, and administration.

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