TOOL: Aster Loader Tool

Aster Field Strong
Teradata Employee

The Aster Loader Tool is designed to load files into a table in bytea format. This allows them to be used by many SQL-MR functions.


GUI Usage

Fill in the appropriate fields and drag one or more files into the empty space. Please hit upload only once. There is currently no progress indication and the program will look like it hung, but it is uploading.

Command Line Options

The loader uses similar arguments to ACT/nCluster loader/export:

- h: host ip address

- d: database name

- t: table name

- U: username

- w: password

- W: prompt for password

- f: path/to/file/or/folder

Command Line Usage

java -jar /Users/user/aster_loader.jar -h -W -d beehive -U db_superuser -t public.file_load -f /Users/user/Download/file.txt


CREATE TABLE public.file_load (

     filename varchar,

     content bytea

) DISTRIBUTE BY HASH (filename);