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Hi Thomas,

My apologies for not responding to this sooner, I have been heads down on a set of fire drills on a project.  From what I am able to see in your VM settings it appears that your VM is not able to start successfully.  The nCluster Services Cluster Services Launcher is not completing successfully. This process is what sets up the services needed to run Aster and the communication between the nodes. (In the Screenshot on page 2).

The internet connection is also failing with the worker node.  It is showing 3 failures on the networking aspects,as well as another failure on the nCluster Services Cluster Services Launcher.

It appears that there is an issue with your network configuration and settings that is preventing the cluster networking aspects from starting.  This will need to e resolved before the AMC can be utilized.   The nCluster Services issue will also need to be resolved before the cluster can be utilized successfully.

For the Cluster Services issue please go to /primary/logs on the Queen VM and take a look at cluster.log, queenExec.log and sysmanExec.log to see if there are any errors in them.

For the internet settings, check the VM settings and make sure that the IP address is not currently in use by a diffrent VM or device. Also check to make sure that you are able to access the internet from within your VM. Settings may neeed to be tweaked, or the adapter configured to allow the internet connection to be used by your VM.




Re: Aster Management Console

Hi, I saw accidentally in your config file something like AsterExpress80.7z....I think there is no such version 8 even as commercial product...:)..last one should be 7 something. So where did you find version 8 of the Express?