Aster for Govt.

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Aster for Govt.

Hi All,

I am trying to find if is any mapping of Aster visualization with Govt use cases?

I have seen quite a lot of pre-built Aster demos/Apps for industries like healthcare, Retail etc.

Has anyone created anything for govt, specifically tax (Direct/ Indirect) dept?



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Teradata Employee

Re: Aster for Govt.

We do not have specific apps built for the Government vertical. THAT SAID, this is not difficult to do so and we can, in fact, speak to a majority of the use cases by invoking currently available apps to explain how we would address them. I have a number of such examples where I have gone in front of government customers to explain what we do in the area of advanced analytics. I can share some of the content too. Happy to discuss further via email/webex/phone.

Sri Raghavan