Aster nPath functionality (Volume 1)

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Re: Aster nPath functionality (Volume 1)

Hi Mark,

I'm using ncluster_loader for loading data into Aster database( Aster express 6.0). But if i want load data from realational database like MySQL then how should i do it, is there any connector for that?

After processing data in aster database, how to export data from cluster?


Teradata Employee

Re: Aster nPath functionality (Volume 1)

You can easily export a table using the NCLUSTER_EXPORT command.  For example:  Login to the Queen via ACT.  From the ACT prompt, type:  ncluster_export -w beehive table1 table1.tsv

You can find more information about the NCLUSTER_EXPORT command in the Aster User Guides.

If you want to load data from MySQL, you will have to use one of our unsupported functions.  You can only get these connectors for an Aster PS consultant.