HCatalog hostname in AsterExpress


HCatalog hostname in AsterExpress

What is the hostname of HCatalog in Aster Express?  I'm trying to connect directly using ODBC.  Thanks.

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Re: HCatalog hostname in AsterExpress

Hostnames and DNS

Every node in Aster Database must have access to all Hadoop nodes.

First, find out how the network is configured for Hadoop. This will determine whether the

network setup between Aster and Hadoop is public or private.

1 To find out how the Hadoop cluster is configured, look in the Hadoop configuration files

in /etc/hadoop/conf on the master node.

2 Make a note of all the hostnames in the files in that directory.

3 Ping each hostname from the Hadoop master node to determine the IP address of each

Hadoop node. Make a note of these.

4 See if these IP addresses are reachable from the Aster cluster by pinging from one of the

Aster nodes:

# ping <hadoop_master_node_IP>

• If the ping is successful, then the Aster cluster and the Hadoop cluster are on the same

network. This is known as a "private" setup.

• If the Aster node cannot reach the IP address on the Hadoop cluster, but there is

another public IP address configured on Hadoop which Aster node can reach, then you

need a "public" setup.

5 Set up Host/DNS entries for Hadoop on all Aster Database nodes through the , as

described in “Configure Hosts” on page 543AMC the. The entries you must make depend

on whether your setup is public or private:

• If public, add a Host entry for each Hadoop node (Hive server, Hadoop namenode and

all Hadoop datanodes).

• If private, add a Host entry for the Hive server and the Hadoop namenode.