Introducing Aster Lens

Teradata Aster is an analytic platform that embeds MapReduce analytic processing with data stores. •Embedded MapReduce analytic processing and unique SQL-MapReduce® framework •Massively parallel data store for multistructured data •Intuitive tools and SQL-MapReduce libraries for rapid analytic development
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Re: Introducing Aster Lens

Thanks Mark.

Any documentation regarding configuration would be helpful.


Muhammad Touseef

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Re: Introducing Aster Lens

could you tell me where can i download the appcenter_installer package?

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Re: Introducing Aster Lens

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Re: Introducing Aster Lens


I am using aster lens for path analysis, specially the tree and sankey charts. The path consists of how the customer interacts with the company (visited shop, called customer service). Is it possible to link two charts together, where in the first the cusotmer is seen visiting shop then calling customer service, and the second hold the details of the visit or the buttons that cusotmer had to press to be directed to the customer service representative. Thanks



Re:Teradata Aster Express vmware

Hi All,


can you please help me to install Teradata aster Express 6.10  Vmaware.

how to resolve the issue.


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If you have an unrelated question, please start a new topic (follow the breadcrumb link back to the main page for the board and click the "Start a topic" button).


Your desktop/laptop "host" system needs to have hardware virtualization support enabled, in order for VMWare Player to run a 64-bit "guest" Virtual Machine image (like Aster Express). See the VMWare site for more detailed information on how to address this issue.