No internet connection in TDExpress 16/VMware


No internet connection in TDExpress 16/VMware



I have some problems to finish the installation of Teradata Aster Express (free version). I have already done the vmware installation, load the TDExpress 16 image in vmware, and also can access to the interface, then i realized the next tests:

1) before launch the TDE image i set up the IP adress in VMnet8

2) run pdestate -a.

3) run BTEQ and also loging

4) run the SQL test script

The next step is to connect to Viewpoint  from the virtual machine, but the problem is that i cannot access to internet in vmware.


So What do i have to do to connect to internet? I understan that the conection is through NAT, and the NAT connection is VMnet8, also the configuration in the virtual machine is made by VMnet 8, so i don't understand why there is no connection.


Thank you for your answers!




Re: No internet connection in TDExpress 16/VMware

Hi Ariel,


A couple of questions for you.


In your post below you start by saying that you're having problems with "installation of Teradata Aster Express (free version)." but the rest of your post refers to 'Teradata database software'. I'm assuming for now that you're really installing Teradata database - not Aster.


Viewpoint connection: Which VM is your Viewpoint server running in? Normally it would run in the same VM as the Teradata DBMS image, in which case no 'internet' access is required, although you typically will require some network access in order to connect to either Viewpoint or the DBMS from your host system.


I tend to connect all of my VM's to VMNet1 - 'host only'.

On my system, the VMNet1 adaptor comes up with a subnet address of So all of my VM's have an ip address set to 192.168.38.x. This works fine for me, I can connect from host to VM and from VM to VM.


I have one VM which truly requires 'internet access' and in that VM I have defined two network adaptors. One is connected ot VMNet1 (as described above) and the other is on VMNet0 which is 'bridged' and uses one of the network adaptors on my host to connect to the internet.


Does that help?


If not can you share some more details of your network config?






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