Problem in Start Aster Management Console (AMC)


Problem in Start Aster Management Console (AMC)


I want to connect Aster Database through ODBC driver in Tableau.

Hence I have installed the following software in Windows 10 machine.

1) Aster Express 6.10.7z

2) VMWare workstation 12 Player

3) Teradata Studio Express

4) Tableau desktop

5) Aster ODBC Driver

I have referred the below link to setup Aster Express.

Setup IP address for Aster Express as mentioned in the guide. Tried to login to the URL. But I got the below error. 
Your computer appears to be correctly configured, but the device or resource ( is not responding


Anyone know the reason and how to solve this?


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Re: Problem in Start Aster Management Console (AMC)

Having the same issue. Tells me there is a DNS error.

Confiigured the IP address in the network manager

I thought it was a firewall issue. Turned off the firewall, no use.. tried http:// instead of https:// no use.


Any ideas?