View Table Structure in ACT

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View Table Structure in ACT

Is there a way to view table structure in Aster ACT.  Such as show table tablename;



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Re: View Table Structure in ACT

You can type "\d" to see a list of tables, and "\d tablename" to show the attributes of a table

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Re: View Table Structure in ACT

As far as i know, there is no way to view the table structure (DDL's) in ACT. If you have Eclipse configured to connect to your system, you can view these DDL's. However they do not show the distribution key. For the distribution key, there is another query that you will need to fire.


Re: View Table Structure in ACT

\d schemaname.tablename shows 


column type

modifiers for columns

table type (fact/dimention )

distribution key

storage type ( row / column) 


What you cannot see in ACT is partition info. ( I use aqua data studio to check out partitioning)

How ever you can check out partitioning info using nc_all_child_partitions and nc_all_parent_partitions views. ( join with nc_all_tables and nc_all_schemas )