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any one please explain the architecture of aster data


Re: architecture

a perspective, but you can find more info from the teradata aster website too. 

- data is replicated across "WorkerNode" local disk,  you can use SAN but...

- data is protected via "rack" aware, Replication Factoring.  HDFS like...

- Cluster oriented, commodity hardware may be used and you can even try VM's based approach with Aster Software Only Solution.

- SQL ACID (Postgres) based multiple VWORKER threads based on number of WorkerNodes.

- Full suite of Analytical/Scientifc database implemented functions.  C, C++, JAVA , role your own if your a capable.

- Master/Queen Node tracks all WorkerNode processing, health-checks, etc...  also peforms key role in aggregations and routing.

Overall my experience has been Positive!   Great Discovery Platform....