aster developer express


aster developer express

Dear all

thats my first posting in the forum 

am preparing my final project for master and am working on aster express

the fact is thats my first time ever working on it and i am trying to find aster developer express to download but am not able to find any download link for it directly and i dont know how to create map reduce project on eclipse without it

can u please share me a link containing this plugin or help me on what to do 



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guys i really need your help


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You may find your Download here:

As for SQM-MR Development: "Aster Developer Express" is just a plug-in as far I know

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Aster Express - VMWare Player Installation Problem

I am in the process of instaling Aster Express on a laptop with Windows 8 operating system. Part of the process requires VMWare Player installation.  VMWare Player is now running but I am having problems with installing Windows 8 operating system as the guest operating system. Even though I am using CD/DVD via the physical connection, upon startup of the virtual machine I am getting a message that the operating system executable cannot be found. The executable is on the DVD.  Is there some reason why VM cannot find the operating system executable