npath visualization: show one-node paths?


npath visualization: show one-node paths?

I use Aster to create an npath output table and then the Visualizer from the App Center in order to visualize the output in a Sankey plot.


I have always a START node, up to three INTERMEDIATE nodes and at most one END node. Hence there may be paths with only a START node. The Sankey plot, however, omits the START nodes with no following nodes and only shows the start nodes which are connected by a path to INTERMEDIATE and/or END nodes.


Is there an option to add one-node paths with only START nodes to the output? (The start box shall be bigger than the sum of paths leading out of it, indicating that a number of START nodes are never changed.)




    PATTERN ('^(START).(INTERMEDIATE){0,3}.(END){0,1}')




Example paths:



[E2, E2, E3]

[E1, E2]



-> Only the second and third path are included in the Sankey diagram: as START I have one box "E1" with one entry and one box "E2" with one entry, both having a path to the INTERMEDIATE box "E2". I would rather like to have a START box "E1" with two entries, one of which has a path to "E2".


In this example, actually, the Sankey diagram already shows the INTERMEDIATE box "E2" with two entries, only one of which has an outgoing path. Hence for INTERMEDIATE nodes it works. But not for START nodes.

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Re: npath visualization: show one-node paths?

Check the Sankey Visualization Settings. There is a check box "Detached Nodes". The setting is disabled by default and when not selected, nodes (items) that are not connected to others will not be displayed. Enable the check box and the missing start node should be displayed afterwards.

Review the AppCenter user guide for further details and settings with Sankey visualizations.


Re: npath visualization: show one-node paths?

margarete, thanks a lot for your reply.


I have already checked this option. The start boxes, however, are not at all missing, they are present, but some of them have outgoing paths with further states following, some not, and I would like to see the fraction of start states without an outgoing path.


I have worked around the issue by creating ("pre-pending") a separate, dedicated START state prior to the first step in the path for every single path I have. The picture now has one more level, and from the first (the new START) to the second (the prior start stages in the paths) I can see the differences.