Backup Policy for Huge Databases

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Backup Policy for Huge Databases

If we have DSA & EMC datadomain, will you please recommend the best backup policy.

1. should i define different jobs for different databases

2.should i define just one job including the backup of all databases many streams should i define in the job deduplication will work, like i have an existing backup set, when next time i will run the same job after a week will it backup the changes only happened after that backup set because of deduplication and if this is the case that means we should not worry about retention policy (how long we should keep that set of backup) because every week that set is containing new data.

5. we are consuming around 10 tb of data please advise some thing

6. how telecommunication companies backup huge volume of data like 10 tb or 20 tb in one night ?

7. will etl load jobs and dsa backup jobs parallel effect each other (any performance issue) ?