Data migration with full/delta restore options

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Data migration with full/delta restore options

We have a requirement to do data migration of full Teradata DB from an exising "live serverA" to a "new serverB". And the migrated batch processes will start the execution from go-live date to load in new DB only. Before that we need to move the existing data first from serverA to B. Not an expert in Teradata, thought to check with forum folks if anyone had used better options to do migration. I checked this forum for automatic replication options especially for incremental/delta data. Some migration blogs are bit complex to understand with discussion mode etc than direct options (like some suggesting BAR option but it doesnt seem possible later). It would be great if you can share your knowledge or options to execute a migration.


Usual strategy is:
1. Take full back up of DatabaseA and restore in DatabaseB
2. Take incremental back up right from the full backup timestamp


Since we have 1000+ tables, taking full backup and restoring in DatabaseB will take few days, assuming 2-3 days. Since DatabaseA is a live DB, we need to capture the changes occured in 2-3 days and replicate the same in new DB  before the go-live date.


- How can we setup a real time capture of delta changes happening in the tables and create a delta back up file?