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Locking in DSA


We are using the DSA for taking our backups. We have a backup that has some components at DB level and some components are table level. I wanted to know about the locks taken by DSA during backup.

  • What is the kind of lock is taken when the backup is going on(i beleive read lock) ? When a backup is at DB level, it takes lock on all tables in that DB at once ? Does it release lock as soon as a table backup from that DB is finished or does it release lock only after the backup job is finished ?
  • For table level locks, does the lock release happens at table level or all tables are locked during the period of the job

I tried to look into the dsa user manual, but coudnt get the answer. IS tehre a better place to get such documentation?


--samir singh

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Re: Locking in DSA

DSA places a HUT READ Lock during backups.
When backup is at DB level,all the objects in that database will be locked for the entire duration of backup.
When backup is at table level then DSA will place HUT locks on all the tables listed in job definition in the dictionary phase itself.
For table level it locks all objects at the start and releases lock as soon as a table is done.

Abhishek Jadhav

Re: Locking in DSA

Thanks !!