TARA - Netbackup - DB 15.10

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TARA - Netbackup - DB 15.10

We are looking to change the way we do backup now, which is daily full backup of all data.  What I am planning to do is

1.  Do a weekly full back up large fact tables at the beginning of the week.

2. Create permanent AJ for those large tables.

3. Backup the saved AJ table daily nightly after a Checkpoint save'.

4. at the end of the week after a full backup delete the journal and start over.


We are using Netbackup 7 and Tara 15.10 

My questions are

1) The TARA Gui doesn't have an option for 'checkpoint' or 'checkpoint with save' how is this being automated in this Netbackup environment?

2) What happens if you backup a current journal table?  

3) Could you use a backed up 'current journal' for restores? if yes, would it cause any inconsistencies?

4) How do we delete the 'current journal' and then restart after a full backup at the beginning of a new week?