All Channels Are Critical In Measuring Customer Satisfaction And Understanding Customer Journeys

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Teradata Employee

If you are overlooking one of the many channels in which your customers interact with you, you could be making a critical mistake. The headlines may be screaming, “Put All Your Money In Digital!” But the reality is that your customers don’t live in a completely digital world.

In fact, about 80 percent of retail transactions occur in-store, according to this Motley Fool article.

I spend the majority of my workday with customers who are interested in or implementing either the Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) Analytic Solution or the Customer Journey Analytic Solution. A key selling point of each of these solutions is that they can incorporate multi-channel data from all touchpoints to paint a more accurate picture of the customer experience.

In fact, when I show the CSI Analytic Solution to people, I like to talk about a sequence in which a telecommunications customer has several unresolved support calls before they visit a retail branch. It’s important to handle this case much different from the way you would treat a retail visit on its own. And when I show, the Customer Journey Analytic Solution, I have a multi-channel data set from a consumer financial services company that shows one of the main paths to closing an account in a physical branch is a recent transfer of funds to an external account via the web.

The channel that matters is that channel that makes a customer loyal or drives a customer away on a customer-by-customer basis. And the customer interacts with many or all of these channels. You may not close a dime of business in your support centers, but if those support centers can encourage a customer to visit your website or brick and mortar locations to purchase new products, they matter. If those support centers can frustrate a customer to the point that they choose to no longer remain a customer, they matter.

So retailers like Target and Walmart are making waves for optimizing their digital experience for mobile rather than their desktops or laptops. But it’s important to remember that all channels are important, not only the ones in the headlines.