Aster Attribution gets a Guided Interface

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Marketing professional need to know which ads, promotions, emails etc. are actually working.  This feedback allows marketers to optimize their content, promotion, and channel strategies and often determines resource allocation.  Marketing Attribution analyzes and scores exposures along the conversion path and quantifies the impact of each impression.  In Aster, this analysis is available via the native Attribution function call with its various parameters.


The Field Applications team recently released a Guided Interface that makes this function more accessible  and provides graphical outputs.  Once the data sources are configured, the Guided Analytic Interface presents the user with a dashboard with a timeline of impressions and analysis results that can be accessed by business users via a browser.  The interactive results can be filtered to show results by product, campaign, or channel.  Analyses can be set up, shared, and refreshed as data is updated.





The Interface launched with 5 of the most widely used attribution models:


  • First Click
  • Last Click
  • Uniform
  • Exponential
  • Weighted


Users select from these different scoring models to best fit their particular use case, but can also compare multiple models and explore the impact on their results.


There is a recorded demo and a data sheet (attached) for reference, but if you have further questions, please reach out to Russell Ratshin or Dave Gebala or anyone else on the Field Applications team for assistance.