Improving Patient Outcomes with Path Analysis

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For some, path analysis falls squarely in the realm of web analytics. It's easy to understand why. Website logs give us the perfect opportunity to understand how our customers proceed along paths, and we can often directly and almost immediately associate the things we do to improve those paths with an improvement in our bottom line.


But path analysis can be much more broadly applied. With IoT data, we can identify common paths to machine failure. Airlines can use path analytics to find patterns in how and where bags are lost. And in the medical arena, path analytics can reveal the most common events and diagnoses leading to a specific procedure and, in some cases, help us identify candidates for potentially more effective and efficient treatments.


To that end, my colleague @rratshin put together an excellent video demonstrating how powerful path analysis can be in healthcare.



In the demo, Russ uses the Path Analysis Guided Analytics Interface to explore medical procedure paths to a specific surgical procedure - in this case, total knee replacement. He then finds an alternative, more efficient treatment path, and identifies potential candidate patients for the alternative treatment path.


As you can imagine, these capabilities could be huge for medical treatment providers who want to provide less intrusive or expensive options for their patients. And they could vastly improve the lives of patients who are burdened with expensive treatments, while still enabling those patients to reach a positive outcome. Russ shows how this can be done with just a few clicks when the Path Analysis Interface is applied to the appropriate data.


If you are interested in learning more about path analysis and how it could be applied to fields beyond web analytics, please contact your Teradata partner today.

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Wow! This is great! Looking forward to learn more about PAGAI and it's application to different industries. All the best!