My favorite time!

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Teradata Employee

All the months of analysis, development and debugging are behind us. So is the long week of production implementation, and the crucial weekend conversions. Long, late, hours. Last minute corrections. Keeping the attitude and energy levels high.

This is my favorite time because this is the time when the power is turned over to the business. This is the point we all struggle towards, that one  short period in the development lifecycle when a set of users are empowered by new data or functionality. The happiness of those users that are finally able to get “the answer”, or to just have access to data that always took hours or days and multiple spreadsheets to achieve. Now, here it is, available at the push of a button.

As a data warehouse professional this is my drug of choice, a job well done, enabling technology implemented and the simple joy of watching the “enabled” take their work performance to the next level.

I look forward to meeting new "friends" on the DevX, the many discussions we will have and the issues we will solve together, so that you too, can spend a few moments in my favorite time.