Read Between The Lines: Introducing The Guided Analytics Interface for Text Analytics

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It may be summer vacation season, but your customers aren’t taking a break from talking with you and about you.


Enter the Guided Analytics Interface for Text Analytics.


Text Analytics GAI Animated GIF


The Text Analytics interface helps business users leverage a variety of extremely advanced analytic techniques without writing a single line of code so they can read between the lines of what their customers say to – and about – them. The interface lets you explore sentiments and trends from social media applications and websites such as Twitter and Facebook along with text from web chats, call center logs and support emails with just a few clicks.


Intuitive visualizations such as word clouds, trend lines and bar charts make it easy for businesspeople to compare sentiment across products, properties and customer segments.


Text Analytics GAI wordcloud


The Text Analytics GAI can be pointed at any text data set and a number of prescribed analytical techniques can then be executed against the free-form text. Currently, the techniques include popularity/trend analysis, sentiment analysis and sentiment trending. We can install this GAI on your Aster server, point it at an existing data set, and have valid insights in minutes.


If you’re interested in taking advantage of this powerful but intuitive interface for Text Analytics, please contact your Teradata representative or send me an email at


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