Teradata PARTNERS 2017 Collection

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Teradata Employee

Last week I spent at Anaheim Convention Center helping out with Aster demo on the Expo floor, participating in Advanced Analytics session and co-presenting business session on Sunday and presenting my data science session on Tuesday. Below I assembled all resources available online about these events.

Advanced Analytics Session (Sunday Morning)

Along with my deer friends data scientists Michael.Riordan@Teradata.com‌, michelle.tanco@thinkbiganalytics.com‌, matt.mazzarell@thinkbiganalytics.com‌ we presented several use cases in various applications of analytics on Aster. Mine were couple of demos:

  • Customer Segmentation Based on Mobile Phone Usage Data Use Case (demo and github)
    Elbowing Method for Determining Number of Clusters with K-Means
  • Churn Use Case Using Survival Analysis and Cox PH (demo and github)
    Proportional Hazard Ratio by Service Plans

Sunday Afternoon Session

John Carlile prepared excellent session on text analytics use cases I helped him with on one of our POCs -  Rumpelstiltskin Analytics - turning text documents into insight gold with me as a co-presenter. Please contact John at john.carlile@thinkbiganalytics.com for more details (pdf attached). I would add the session covered analysis of user reviews of major hotel operator across many chains, "fake" review detection and unsupervised and supervised techniques such as LDA and logistic regression.

Tuesday Session

My presentation Building Big Data Analytic Pipelines with Teradata Aster and R (morning block) contained two parts:

  • overview: a  value proposition of data science pipelines, their enterprise application focus, main principles and components, and requirements;
  • a primer on building blocks and core technology with examples on Aster R platform: covering topics on environment, grammar of data manipulation, joins, exploratory analysis, PCA and predictive models (pdf attached, R presentation slides and github).

ROC Curve and AUC for predictive model

General session catalog for PARTNERS is available here.