Watch Now: Bridging the Data Science Gap with Guided Analytics

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Teradata Employee

Your company probably employs many more data analysts than data scientists. So how can your data analysts ask tougher questions and better communicate with your limited data science resources to solve specific business challenges?

I recently sat down with Brandon Purcell of Forrester Research to discuss how new guided analytics solutions can improve conversations between – and ROI from – data scientists and analysts. You can catch an on-demand replay of our webcast “Bridging The Gap Between Data Scientists And Analysts With Analytic Solutions.”

For organizations to deliver maximum value from their customer analytics projects, analysts and data scientists must be able to speak the same language so they can align objectives, Brandon said on the webinar. Analytic solutions, especially those with interfaces for guided analytics, can be key in bringing these two groups together.

“Too often, we see (customer analytics) happening in pockets,” Purcell said in response to a question posed during the webinar.

We agree, and we want to help organizations bridge these divides. If you’re interested in how guided analytics can help align organizations for customer analytics projects, please watch the webinar or send me an email at​.