CIM installation fail

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CIM installation fail

We introduced cim on WAS/IHS env.
Although The WAS management console was displayed with URL, cim didn’t.
Ex: http://hostname/trm that’s result is HTTP404.

Does anyone know this case?

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Re: CIM installation fail

There can be multiple reasons as to why the CIM url may not display. Here are some steps I would suggest to troubleshoot:


  1. Check the trm-system.log to see if there are errors on CIM startup. It may be that WAS started without issue but CIM encountered some type of error starting.
  2. If it appears the CIM application started without issue, check to see if the login page loads if going directly to the Appserver bypassing the Web Server. ex. http://<appserver ip>:9080/trm
  3. If the first 2 checks seem ok, check the webserver logs for errors and more information.
  4. Double check the Web Server configuration. CIM Engineering provides guidance on the configuration which can be found on the CIM Install DVD. Check the TRM folder on the DVD to find a file. This zip file contains a WebServerConfiguration folder with notes on environment combinations.

If further help is needed, I would suggest opening a T@YS ticket for further help.