Introduction of Customer Interaction Manager(CIM)

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Introduction of Customer Interaction Manager(CIM)

Teradata Customer Interaction Manager (CIM) is a feature-rich application that enables marketing organizations to find customers and build campaigns that offer the greatest potential profit.

By targeting both new and established customers, Teradata CIM campaigns ensure the right communications get into the hands of the right customers.


Teradata CIM provides broad functionality to analyse customer information, target or "segment" very specific groups of customers, trigger customer “events,” and choreograph multi-channel communication plans based on the needs of those consumers and the business as a whole.

It blends together multiple sources of customer data and enables a seamless conversation with customers across any and all customer contact channels.

The full marketing potential of Teradata CIM is accessed through a seamless user interface.


Do you have any experiences on using  CIM application?  Please feel free to share with us on how CIM application solve your business challenges.