Why I am getting a 120 second timeout?

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Why I am getting a 120 second timeout?

CIM application is running on a Teradata or SQL Server database. The application is trying to access information in the database. The application connects to the database via the network or your internal intranet. You will get a timeout error if the application is not responding to the database request in a timely manner. What are your typical response times when using the CIM application UI? Do you typically get sub-second responses?

What you may be experiencing are the following:

  1. An over loaded database – As you may know CIM is not the only application that is accessing the database. You may want to check with your Teradata DBA to see if the box is over loaded.
    • There is a “canary” query that can be loaded by your DBA to run at specific intervals. These “canary” queries are designed to run sub-second. Having the query run at non-peak times and peak times will give you an indication on the load that is on the database. THE GSC has developed a knowledge centered support (KCS) article http://knowledge.teradata.com/KCS/id/KCS005544 that outlines an example query as well as how your DBA should implement the query. Recommend that you work with your DBA to implement this as soon as possible. You should review the results of the “canary” query to see if your expected query times have increased. That would be an indication that the database is under a heavier than normal load.
    • The GSC may ask you to capture DBQL for a specific date and time. You will need to work with your DBA to capture the information. It’s important to capture the DBQL for the specific date and time and not any longer. These logs tend to be rather lengthy and extensive. Having a specific date, time, and user ID will help to pinpoint any specific gaps that may be noted.
  2. Loss of connectivity – As you know the CIM server is connected to your network/intranet. There are times that the server will lose connectivity to database or lose connectivity to your internal network/intranet. This is outside of the application. The application has been designed to re-try, but there are times when the retry will not work. Recommend that you work with your networking administrator to troubleshoot the connectivity with the CIM server and the database or your network in general. Your network admin has a set of tools that they can use to help. We have seen in the past network admins deploy tools such as “WireShark” to help them to pinpoint where the problems may or may not be.

If the above does not help log an incident with the GSC they have an extensive list of items that you will need to provide as well as a list of items for you to investigate on your own. Performance issues are typically outside of the CIM application. It’s important that the information requested is provided in a timely manner.