Teradata at Your Service 5.4 Recorded Demo

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Teradata at Your Service 5.4 Recorded Demo

WebEx Recording:

Streaming recording link:  https://tdmeet.webex.com/tdmeet-en/ldr.php?RCID=6abc6d34d479948b786fad98abdad557

Download recording link:  https://tdmeet.webex.com/tdmeet-en/lsr.php?RCID=5e5571d72a86307db67a4cb6093d16ad


Video Overview: 




Effective Friday, March 2017, we will be releasing TaYS 5.4.  The new Customer Support page allows TaYS users and non-users the ability to find Teradata knowledge, Teradata publications, videos, hot topics, and tools.  This new page is a major step forward in making valuable information available outside of TaYS.  Including the new support page, there were over 40 TaYS JIRAs.  Here is an overview of the items our customers will notice:


Make To/From software version fields mandatory for CC create

SPS Search Audit Fails when To and From populated

Tech Alert Default Order – Sort on Global Incidents from Blank to Many

Incorporate unmasking functionality within Secure Passwords

  • Available within Edit and View

TaYS Landing Page UI Enhancements

  • Move Videos to the Tools location
  • Move Tools to the Video location
  • Move Incident > Create under Incidents - Rename to just Create Incidents
  • Move Changes > Create under Changes - Rename to just Create Change Controls
  • Rename Changes to Change Control
  • Rename Discussion Forums to Community
  • Rename Service Request to Teradata Secure
  • Update Service Icon to Security Icon

Tech Alert – Change Default Column from ‘All’ to ‘Exposed’


The information below was sent to our user base earlier today.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.



The video describes the new Teradata Support website