Auto-Abort of disconnected Sessions

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Auto-Abort of disconnected Sessions


I have a problem with the Teradata Database when a user is disconnected e.g. by network error.

Let's assume the user is in manual commit, ANSI transaction mode, uses the SQL Assistant, and connects via ODBC to the server.

Now, while the user is connected to the server, the network connection is lost (e.g. cable removed).

On the server side, I can still see the session of this user! This causes problems - imagine that there was a transaction which locked some tables. These locks will now stay until the session is aborted by the server (we set the IDLE timeout to 60 minutes).

Even if the same person reconnects (after fixing the cable) to the server, the tables still will be locked, and no other UPDATE will be possible.

Why can't the Teradata Database detect TCP disconnects, and immediately abort the session affected by the disconnect?
Or is there a way to setup Teradata Database to detect disconnects?

Thanks in advance!
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Re: Auto-Abort of disconnected Sessions

I would like to know how to do this as well.  Does anyone know if there is something in Viewpoint that can be set up to kill these Idle sessions?