BTEQ/Fastload CLI Data Transfer Encryption


BTEQ/Fastload CLI Data Transfer Encryption

Can anyone provide information as to the encrytion strength of BTEQ/Fastload/Multiload etc when DATAENCRYPTION is ON?

I have not been able to find the specification in the Manuals. I have found where the ODBC/JDBC encryption strength is AES-128 when using the TD2 mechanism. I would like to see a similar documented specification to be able to show to management.

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Re: BTEQ/Fastload CLI Data Transfer Encryption

you might find some more infos in the Security Administration

Section Appendix A: TDGSS Configuration Files, Valid Settings, and Editing Guidelines Algorithms

It looks like some options are possible and the details are specified in the TdgssUserConfigFile.xml

But I would be also interessted if someone from TD give us a clearer picture.


Re: BTEQ/Fastload CLI Data Transfer Encryption

from the Security Administration manual...

Password Encryption

When users log on to the database, the system transmits passwords in encrypted form, using

the AES 128 (128-bit) algorithm.

Message Encryption Standards

When a user enables encryption, the system encrypts transmitted messages as follows:

 • For Teradata (TD2) or LDAP authentication, the system employs the AES-128 encryption

algorithm to encrypt transmitted messages, as specified in the QOP for the mechanism.

So does that mean you have to set the logmech attribute to TD2 to ensure that data transmission is in AES-128 format?

What happens if data encryption enabled but the log mechanism is not set?