Can I get by temporarily with ODBC driver 12.0 accessing Database V13.10?


Can I get by temporarily with ODBC driver 12.0 accessing Database V13.10?

We are upgrading our database from V12 to V13.10.  In preparation for our upgrade, we have upgraded our TTU components to 13.10.  We have also installed Viewpoint to replace Teradata Manager, TDWM, ect.

It looks like our effort to upgrade desktop ODBC drivers from 12 to 13.10 across our enterprise will not be complete when the database is upgraded to V13.10.

The documented Teradata Roadmap shows TTU 12 is compatible with database releases 1  forward and 2 backwards.  It does not show TTU 12 as being compatible with V13.10.

Our only TTU Component that will not be upgraded in time is the ODBC driver.  The drivers are on 32 bit desktops accross the company running windows XP or windows 7.  The driver is primarily used to access Terdata through Microsoft Access.  I don't have a test system.  I only have a DR/Staging system that I cannont upgrade to RDBMS V13.10 until after our DR testing in April. 

I'm trying to plan for the upgrade of RDBMS V13.10 and need to delay our upgrade if ODBC 12 driver cannot be used temporarily.  I know it's not documented or supported, but does anyone currently have an 12 ODBC driver accessing a V13.10 database successfully?  I can address any desktops that have an exceptional configuration or are running a homemade application through ODBC by upgrading them to ODBC 13.10 first, but I need to know if I can get by with ODBC 12 for the general desktops that haven't received their upgrade.